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bluemonday Code of Conduct

Why is the bluemonday Code of Conduct so important?

bluemonday was founded with a burning desire to shake up and reshape the recruitment industry. We really mean it when we talk about service. It underpins everything we do and is constantly monitored and assessed within our business. It is part of our culture, plays a huge part in our own recruitment criteria and is central to our systems, procedures and relationships.

The bluemonday Code of Conduct is the result of many years of successful recruiting experience, forming the basis of how we aim to get the best possible outcome from the recruitment process – for everyone.

Your bluemonday consultant strictly adheres to this code in the spirit of establishing a great working relationship with you, now and into the future. But we can’t do it alone…. we suggest that it is only when our clients and candidates also sign up to this code that everyone gets the most out of the recruitment process.

Candidate commitment

1) To be on time for interviews, or to warn the potential employer as soon as possible if there is cause for delay.

2) To attend the interview suitably attired, having been fully briefed on the role and researched the company themselves.

3) To be honest, in particular about their background, experience and qualifications, current salary and package and not to mislead anyone involved in the recruitment process in any way.

4) To respond to any communication in a timely manner and keep us informed of their movements at all times.

5) Not to accept a job offer and then fail to turn up to commence work.

6) If counter offered by the current employer, to keep us fully informed.

7) To advise us in advance of being introduced to a client, if they have previously been submitted by another party, or approached directly by the client.